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Thread: Returning yet again

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    Default Returning yet again

    Oh my well it has been far, far too long. Nearly 6 years! *hides head under wing in shame*

    Pevil has returned to the skies of Istaria, ready to swoop down out of trees and chew tails in between a lot of crafting. She might even finish doing her adventure quests one day. She also wants to get the 'new' dragon crafting school of Crystalshaper which had just come out last time I was active but needs to take down Surtheim (anyone willing to help shout at me in-game).

    Along with that I still have my other 3 hatchies to actually work on plus my lovely Saris Affina. Hoping to see some familiar names in-game. I should be around quite a bit as I've actually just been diagnosed with something called Cushing's and whilst they're trying to find the source before they can treat it I'm off work. So most of my days are spent on MMO's; I'm currently active on WoW, Guild Wars 2, ESO and now back in Istaria. Istaria and WoW are the 2 I'm in mostly though. I've joined the Discord channel though I will probably forget to log into it very often.

    Anyway it feels good to be stretching my wings once again *dishes out caramel-covered gnomes and waits for the dragons to come*
    Shadria: Hatchling 22/24/0 - Intorqueo: Hatchling 5/3/0 - Affina: Saris - Pevil: Ancient Lunus 100/100/57 - Zordraak: Hatchling 5/3/0

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    Welcome home

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