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    Question Can't Ascend

    Help meeee!!!
    I was trying to ascend in New Trismus but when i try to use the Phylactery of Shadows it says:
    You must have 1 Time's Ripple to use, but 0 found.
    So... HELP!!!
    I just can't ascend and i don't know what's wrong. Maybe it's because i need to be on the Peak of Storms,
    or i need to activate things, but this is my first ascending so i don't know how i need to fix this.

    Greetings, Lyca Skyfall

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    Was told ig, you get the "Ripple's of Time" by visiting the Peak of Storm. Once thats done can ascend anywhere, doesn't have to be there. Once you reach the top (see below) you can go anywhere to use the Phylactery to ascend.

    • Once you reach the top of mountain, you should see a new message in chat. You are 100% done after that. You do NOT have to use your Phylactery! Remember when you use the Phylactery, you will ascend!

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    Okay, thanks for the information!

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