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Thread: delay/stuter while crafting

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    Default delay/stuter while crafting

    dear all

    i get stuttering and delay's while crafting, especially in the more build up areas.

    now thinking on this i think i don't have anough video memory or something like that.

    I know that the video memory is software limited to 1 (Gb).

    now can we change that most of us will have cards that have more memory then that. mine has only 4 (GB). I'm asking this because i think we should be able to do some thing like this with command line (DOS) options.

    has anyone experience with this.

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    I used to have that problem if had the create item box checked and/or used the search option on the knowledge window. Doesn't seem to be happening now though. Used the search option yesterday for the first time in months and seemed to work fine. I do use the patch to blight option.

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    Default Re: delay/stuter while crafting

    Its just the creation screen doing this for me I get 2 FPS or even 1 FPS and waiting minutes to create things

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