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    Just wondering if anyone has the Anniversary Crystal Deer pet (not positive on the exact name) from this most recent anniversary and would be willing to part with it to a good home? There isn't a way for me to get it as I wasn't aound for the anniversary and have no way of getting it.

    I'd appreciate it greatly!
    - Quiiliitiila

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    Quiiliitiila, I have an Anniversary Token, with which you purchase the deer in Bristugo, that you may have. I believe we are in the same time zone, (EST). I will happily log on Tuesday or Wednesday at a time that conveniences you to give it to you. Respond here, or in a private message, please, with a time.

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    Fantastic! I'll figure out an exact time tomorrow and post a reply. I may have some things I need to get done but I expect to be free around noon or 1300. I'm thrilled, thank you so much!

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    Sounds good!

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    Ok, I should be on around noon after the maintenance today. My character used to be Caaltoric but I recently renamed him to Damius Smithwick. I'm always on Market chat and currently am adverting around Dalimond / Bristugo but I can try and meet you wherever you'd like.

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    I believe my character is in Bris, too. See you around noon!

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