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Thread: dragon appearance

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    Question dragon appearance

    is there some way to check how is your dragon appearance set like 6/8 highlight color 1/14 skin color or 17/17 tattoo type without waste $9.95?


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    Default Re: dragon appearance

    /window npcwindow

    click yourself

    have fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by meepsa View Post
    /window npcwindow

    click yourself

    have fun
    tried it and it just set random

    needed remmember with ones i choosed before test

    is there other way?

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    Unfortunately there is no other way unless you ask a developer to look in the database. Even then, when looking at your character, all we can see are file names and give an educated guess for which number it corresponds to.

    Files are named from 0 to the max number, and markings have different variations. The number things correspond to is which order they were added to the DB, so a 'stripe08' might be after or before 'spots08' and we have no idea which.

    Your best bet is to use /window npcwindow, then click each option individually until you look unchanged from your original self, then save those numbers.

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