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Thread: coward abominations of missery/grief

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    Default coward abominations of missery/grief

    I have the problem that these abominations if there first paralysng spell not misses or is evaded they just come nose to nose and then run of, before i get out of paralysation this happens about 4 out of 5 times. the other time the spell misses.

    can this paralization be a bid shorted you i can attack before they run off, or can they be made a bid couratious.

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    They don't run away from me but they paralyze me and then they just stand there and don't attack.
    This doesn't bother me because if they are that stupid, they deserve what comes next. But it does
    seem to be rather foolish. Also this makes them the most annoying of abominations, but their loot
    is the worst.
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    Default Re: coward abominations of missery/grief

    I've looked at this and I couldn't find much wrong with the Abominations of Misery. I did adjust their AI template a little and I found they were missing a skill for Paralyzing Gaze. So maybe that will help, we'll see.

    Thank you for reporting it though and we'll keep an eye out.
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