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Thread: A Big Thanks to Players!

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    Default A Big Thanks to Players!

    I wanted to thank everyone who dropped by to listen in to the interview with Rick and Kelsie. We had a lot of fun (even if I did lose my place a few times - oh well) and talked a lot about Istaria, and gaming in general.

    Thank you players who listened in. It meant a lot to me and my guests! Happy Hunting! Dellani Oakes (aka Wind Dancer)

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    Default Re: A Big Thanks to Players!

    Thank you for having us! It was a great time and a new experience for me. Glad to answer your and some of the players' questions.

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    Default Re: A Big Thanks to Players!

    Great show, thank you for the platform!
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    I missed it live (dang rl) but caught it later. Yes thanks for the show.


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