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    Not only do I do Blog Talk Radio interviews twice a month, I also promote a few authors. I'd like to share their work with you. Their work ranges from biography, to paranormal romance, to romantic suspense, to self-help. I hope you'll check out their work, as well as mine!
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    Curl Up with a Good Book ~ True Sacrifice book 2 by Amanda Mackey

    I remember nothing.
    Not my name, where I come from, my past, or how I ended up in the hospital with a bullet wound in my chest. Everything is a black void…except for her. The beautiful nurse with the friendly smile.
    I have no idea who I am, but I know Mac has something that draws me to her. The more she helps me uncover the mysteries of my past, the more I want her to be a part of my future.
    But as vivid images of being in a warzone seep through my dreams, I can’t help but wonder if I’m putting her life at risk by allowing her to help me—by allowing myself to fall for her.
    With every piece of the puzzle we manage to put together, it becomes clear that there are secrets and dangers hidden within the darkness of a life I can’t remember.
    Now I need to do everything I can to protect her. I’m just not sure what I’m protecting her from. My past…or me.

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    Curl Up with a Good Book ~ The Long Road Home: Romantic Murder Mystery by Carolyn M Bowen

    After a lifetime of being protected and sheltered by her parents, Kate is thrown into a state of turmoil after their sudden death. With nowhere else to turn, she finds herself living with her fiancé, a conniving businessman who is well on his way to becoming a corrupt super-lawyer. At the same time, Kate’s father’s law firm houses more secrets than a politician’s hard drive. Later, she receives a shocking surprise when a long-lost half-brother enters her life. Can Kate rise to these challenges, discover the truth and re-emerge as a stronger, smarter version of herself?

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    Curl Up with a Good Book ~ Indian Summer by Dellani Oakes

    It's the spring of 1739 in sultry St. Augustine, Florida and something's amiss. It seems a British spy has wormed his way into their lives and he's bent upon leading the British Army in an attack against the fort and town. It's up to Gabriella Deza and her fiancé, Manuel Enriques, to stop the spy from being successful.

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    Curl Up with a Good Book ~ From Sea to Sea by Nelda Bedford Gaydou

    From a three-week voyage of more than 7000 miles from New Orleans to Buenos Aires in 1964 through an eight-day, 3258-mile round-trip drive between Evanston, Illinois and Clovis, New Mexico in 2017, whether in their prime or in their nineties, the Bedfords have packed a lot into their life's journey. Follow their inspiring story of faith and service, set in fascinating times and places in the Southern and Northern Hemispheres.

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    Curl Up with a Good Book ~ His Soul to Save (Dark Knights of Heaven Book 3) by TW Knight

    Soulless and exiled from Heaven the Dark Knights have spent millennia protecting humanity from Lucifer and his demons. But the longer they live the closer they come to joining Lucifer’s ranks in Hell. Their only hope is to find their soul keepers, and love. After an attack by a demon left her injured and weak Amber Fitzpatrick welcomed the attention and caring of her rescuer Jacob—until he turned into an abusive monster. The night Amber flees the possessive, extraordinarily toxic relationship Jacob reveals his true demonic nature. Zach has more than Lucifer’s minions to contend with. Each day brings him closer to Hell. For fifty years he’s walked the thin line between sanity and giving in to his dark urges. Urges that go against his calling as a healer and a teacher. Every battle drives him closer to the edge, feeds his inner demon and pushes him to find a permanent solution to death. When Zach meets Amber he sees a chance for salvation. But Amber’s experience with Jacob makes her afraid to start any kind of relationship with Zach, especially discovering he’s not that different then the man she walked away from. Can she set her fear aside and save Zach before she loses him to the darkness forever?

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    And I'd like to add with no modesty whatsoever, the novel "School of Lies," by Mickey Hoffman. A murder mystery that takes place in a city high school. Here is an excerpt.
    Vice Principal Zant’s enraged voice easily penetrated the office’s thin walls, which provided only a token sense of privacy. Kendra inched closer to the windowed partition and took in the unfolding drama through the dusty blinds.

    The setting and script were familiar, as were the lead protagonists. The boy’s black hair and matching attire made a bold silhouette against the dingy beige walls. From her vantage point she could just see the glass tank that housed the VP’s pet tarantula.

    This would be the umpteenth student rescue operation she had mounted since the newly promoted Zant had arrived at Standard High, vacating his previous niche as the worst English teacher in the district. Upon hearing a hall monitor make reference to a skirmish in Zant’s office, Kendra had detoured from her path to the teachers’ lounge.

    “Empty your pockets, son!” The Vice Principal slammed the behavior slip to his desktop.

    “I ain’t your son. Your son’s in a cage at the zoo.”

    Mr. Zant reared from his chair, affronted at the student’s impertinence, although he couldn’t have been surprised. “I’ve heard enough!”
    His bulk poised to move in on the gangly teenager seated before him. Then, for once realizing he was showing a lack of self-control, he retook his seat and conjured up a frosty and very fake paternal smile.
    Kendra froze. Although she’d chalked up a moderate success rate in her duels with Zant, the encounters stretched her courage to the limits and she knew hours would pass before she’d recover from what was to come. Mr. Zant thought to cover his ineptitude by attacking anyone who questioned him. Kendra braced herself, turned the doorknob, and stepped in. The Vice Principal’s chair squeaked at the intrusion.

    “Ah, look who’s here. It’s Ms. Desola. But I don’t recall asking you to come down. Really, there’s no need for you to be here. I’m sure you have plenty of your own work.”

    Kendra made a show of setting down her load of books and lunch bag while she frantically worked up a fitting reply. Sensing that the heat was momentarily blowing in another direction, her student assumed the facial expression of an orphaned puppy.
    “Ms. D., I ain’t done nothin’.” Jon shuffled his feet, or what could be seen of them under his voluminous jeans.

    The VP countered. “The only place where I’m sure you haven’t done anything is inside a classroom.” Zant smiled at his riposte.

    Jon blinked and offered, “At least I ain’t been inside my sister."
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    Excellent book, Ming!

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    Books ~ Share the Adventure! Instinctual 2 by Amanda Mackey
    After waking up in hospital not remembering much about her accident, Kate is surprised to find Jake by her side.
    Kate Fitzpatrick doesn't know if her intuition is a gift or a curse, especially when it involves her ex-lover, Jake Alexander.
    Even though she hasn't spoken to him in five years, when he left her broken hearted, his return both terrifies and excites her.
    And it doesn’t take long before she discovers that Jakes arrival brings with it a whole world of danger, betrayal, lies and an attraction so powerful, it still leaves Kate breathless…

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    Books ~ Share the Adventure! Cross Ties by Carolyn Bowen

    Leah was a rebel. She chose to live her life outside the constraints of 19th century English society. She rebuked any parental control and choose to decide her own fate. From England to the Caribbean and then frontier America, she was loved by family and friends yet still had enemies. Sailing the seas with pirates lurking about helped chisel her character as she created a life of her own near the sea.
    Explore the scenic countries with Leah and learn of the native cultures and taste their delicacies. As a mixed race female, she placed prejudices under her feet and learned to recognize and accept love even if it was against the law.

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    Books ~ Share the Adventure! Under the Western Sky by Dellani Oakes
    It's small town Nebraska in the late 1970's and life in the small Midwestern town is quiet and uneventful. That's what Libby Marshall and Bobby Menedez think until Bobby's cousin, Ramon is beaten by a group of white boys. Racial tension is high after the beating and it's soon revealed that something quite evil lies hidden Under the Western Sky.

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    Books ~ Share the Adventure! To Ends of the Earth: High Plains to Patagonia by Nelda B Gaydou

    On the road to seek work in the cotton fields of Texas, an old Ford Model T truck breaks down and forces a change of destination that ultimately leads the protagonists to the Argentine Patagonia. Follow the anecdote-driven story of a devoted couple who spent their childhood in the U.S. Southwest during the Great Depression, met and married during World War II, and together undertook a lifelong journey of adventure and service.

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    Books ~ Share the Adventure! His Soul to Hold (Dark Knights of Heaven Book 2) by TW Knight
    Soulless and exiled from Heaven the Dark Knights have not abandoned their duty. For millennia they’ve battled demons, protecting human kind from Lucifer’s servants. Less than a year ago hundreds of demons escaped Hell world-wide, stretching the Knights resources to their limits. Now they face the greatest challenge of all—discovering love.
    Breanna Thorn spent the last ten years fighting demons with her twin brother Sam, and she’s good at it. But at twenty three all she really wants is a normal life with dating, college and quiet. To balance the life she wants and the life she has, Bree studies demons and other supernatural creatures in hopes of better understanding the enemy. When she meets fallen angel Bass, Bree encounters a complication she never saw coming—love.
    Bass’ persona of hedonism begins to crumble when he meets Breanna. She’s beautiful, intelligent, a great fighter and the vessel for his immortal soul. He knows he’s no good for her but no matter how hard he tries to make Bree hate him; she keeps finding a way into his heart. He’ll do anything to keep her safe even if it means giving up everything he is.
    After their parents are killed by monsters, demons, Sam Thorn focuses his life on protecting his sister and hunting the creatures that changed their lives. Now he finds himself swept up in a world where he’s surrounded by monsters and at risk of losing his sister—something he cannot, will not allow. When the rage burning inside him breaks free Sam finds he is a greater danger than the monsters he fears.
    Hogart once walked the halls of Heaven, now he battles with voices in his head driving him further and further into madness. Being taken in by his fellow fallen angels, The Dark Knights, is both a blessing and a curse. Their energy quiets the demon within him but now he is permanently housed with the twins Sam and Breanna. The voices insist he kill them; his heart says otherwise.

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