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Thread: Returning to have a look around

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    Default Returning to have a look around

    Hi everyone. It's been a while but I thought I might come back and have a look around to see what's new etc. Probably not the place but I couldn't find the information I was looking for. My plot was auctioned after I left and I see that someone currently owns it on Order. I has assumed that I would receive either novians from the structures that were there or at least the proceeds of the sale. My plot was the one that sold for over a Mithril and I definitely don't have that much coin.

    Anyway looking forward to seeing any old faces.

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    You should have received Novians. They would be placed in your Vault and not normal inventory.
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    What is your name on Order? And welcome back!
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    Welcome home


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    No novians that I can see either in my inventory or my vault. I'm speculating here but this would be a lot of novians. Possibly more than I have room for maybe?

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    Novians will normally be found in the vault of the plot/lair owner. You referenced "Plot". Was it a plot and did you have a biped alt who owned it?


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    It was a lair and I was the owner. After I stopped playing there was an auction held for plots that were owned by dormant accounts. It was my understanding that the new owner would be able to claim the novians and the original would get the cash from the bid to buy the lair. I'm using plot and lair interchangeably which might be confusing so to be clear it was a large lair and it was completely built. I have no idea how many novians that breaks down into but it's enough that someone actually bid over a mithril to get their hands on it.

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    There have been different auctions in the past.

    The last one gave me the plots with all buildings on it and items inside of the former owner.
    So that former owner could not have gotten any novians .
    (The prices at that time been far below than a mithril)

    Nor did I get anything from my former plot/lair that I /we owned on Unity.

    this auction was the last one until today. And its many- at least 10 years ago.
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    WELCOME BACK! So great to see an "old-timer" poking their head in to look around.
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    Default Re: Returning to have a look around

    most welcome home!! i hope everything works out and i hope you enjoy the changes!
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    It's good to see you still around Amon.

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