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    In a recent thread one of our awesome gms let a kitty slip out of the bag even if its a No eta yet

    Quote Originally Posted by Liseth View Post

    This would sadly clash with existing lore, though there have been some ideas tossed around here and there, we also have an event in the works (unknown ETA) that would play around with the idea of dragon races.
    With that quote said Dragon Races... wow
    Doing some research on the subject and since Istaria uses the European style of dragon (Quadruped) I found a list of Dragon Races. Match your dragon and the deeds it has done for our land to the 10,000 foot overview of dragon races below. Note this is for fun Dose not have any influences on the Mystery event Objections can be made but please keep it nice and don't be offensive.

    Races for dragons And there are sub races or classes in these as well but lets not get in to that yet

    Earth Strong brutes warriors can solve any problem with a pair of sharp talons, Often rushes in to combat head first and worries about the consequences later

    Fire A Race of dragons with breath taking anger management issues highly excitable first ones to call for war

    Wind A race of dragons that do not prefer conflict rather to try talking it out before blowing you away

    Water Easy going Quick to judge slow to change Unforgiving when crossed

    Storm the king class its kinda a combo of wind and water Once they are committed to something seldom do they change there stance after all they are Royalty in the dragon Realm

    Light Obviously they represent all that is good in the world

    Dark Remember the bully's you hated in school these guys make them look like angles

    Spirit Neutral They are the essence of Ethereal they exist outside of Linear time Meeting one is a chance encounter Learn all you can for there time in where you meet them is short .

    With that said what would your Dragon Race be ?

    I think Epi would be an Earth dragon Strong blunt and to the point Prefers helping the young lings out if not getting in to too much trouble in doom.
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    The quote from Liseth is over a year old now and refers to an event-like project that was only ever in the conceptual stages, and never involved player races or adding diversity to current dragons in the way that you refer.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I wouldn't want anyone to be misled into thinking they can suddenly play elemental dragons in the future; that's never going to be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarsilas View Post
    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I wouldn't want anyone to be misled into thinking they can suddenly play elemental dragons in the future; that's never going to be.
    RP wise this is done heavily already. E.g. there are alot of storm dragons in Istaria. Personally I believe that dragons come from the Plane of Fire and thus are Fire dragons. With magic they might learn other elements, but their prime element stays fire.

    Of course now the difficulty stays with people saying their dragon does not come from Istaria...
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