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Thread: A dragon ou tof breath

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    I m absolutely overwhelmed..

    the lair decoration
    what a joy, what a good work
    Thanks a lot

    (I just returned- haven t seen or played much yet-- but visiting our lair.. what a gift:-))) )

    and that wonderful statues
    and the cities..

    I think I`ll explore everything first -before I start with new content
    YOU told me to play a dragon! [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

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    Hi Lov, Happy to see you back. I returned after a few months break. Don't know how much I can play after the end of this month but will continue to sub for a while and see what happens. We will be visiting the grand kids June 1st. Not sure when we will be coming back home but plan to take my computer with me to play. Still hoping to play some each day. I am surprised to see new master craft gear in game. Great incentive for me, love the crafting.
    Hope to see you and Flame in game again.


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    Was good to see you in game again Lov, only been back 3 months myself and love the new lair stuff too (though I do feel the stoneworking and crystal shaping chambers are a little lacking compared to the others, certainly at T5). Has been years I was on a break so am doing the same, slowly exploring the 'old' stuff, playing catch up and discovering the new all at once!
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