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    I started following Horizons shortly after it was announced by David Allen. Originally the game was going to have several races that were in conflict with each other, one of which was the Ku'laks that were at war with the Dwarves. When Ku'laks were removed from the development, I kind of lost interest in the game. I decided to check in on it and was curious if there were any plans to add Ku'laks in the near future?

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    As of right now, we do not have any plans to add more races to the game. The amount of effort required to write their lore into the game, create the models, animations, and proper accessories would require a lot more time and manpower than we can invest.

    That being said, in the future, it might possibly be considered for the Unreal Engine 4 revamp. However, that is a ways off and nothing is guaranteed.

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