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    You have improved pets and allies in the game beyond anything offered with loyalty tokens. It would be nice if you upgraded some of the items offered by loyalty vender. The disk being offered by loyalty vender is way below anything useful. How about some improvements on loyalty items?
    Some suggestions would be a pet with holding capacity greater than anything offered in game. A disk equal to largest disk in game but with less speed/flying penalty. Maybe an enhancement or technic that is added to boots or wings that increase speed/flying some more.
    None of these would be game breaking or give anyone an unfair advantage. It would reward paying members something useful. This game needs more paying members and not the thirty-day wonders it produces now.
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    Not quite sure what your after here.
    The pets from the loyalty are the 2nd highest capacity in-game only the Epic pets are higher.....which is ment to be the point.#
    The disc i agree is low capacity but then again it is only a lvl 20 disc and was added more for nostalgia than anything else.

    Speed and Velocity techs are already in-game, plus foods and potions and spells, all which increase speeds to almost land skipping speeds.

    I agree that i'd like to see more added to the vendor but not sure "speed and discs" are the way to go.
    Just my opinion though.

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    i agree with sindala's post. i would like to see really old stuff from in game in the olden days. doesn't really have to do anything game wise, just like decorations.
    speaking of, new plot building or decos are always great. armor and weapon stuff is kewl.
    nothing that gives an unfair advantage to newbs, but something that makes loyalty tokens worth getting - a very fine line for any game
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