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    The quest "Niesa's Draught" has a small error. After finishing the part about getting Ravagers hearts and mushrooms, it tells you to go back to Giltekh Master Alchemist on Island of Fire. Note "fire", he is actually on Island of Ice.

    While trying to finish all world projects on Order, I had only graves on New Brommel. I went there to find these graves which I had never seen. I did all the sandstone ones. I got some obsidian bricks for the obsidian graves. The optimal level for obsidian on these graves was 1475 skill. Neither my bi-ped or dragon is anywhere near 1475 but more like 1100. Obsidian is a T5 resource, not T6, why would it ever be 1475 skill on a T5 resource? I left them alone and will not apply at 4 to 1. These are the only world projects left on Order.

    Thank you, Slimey on Order

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    Matter is worse - Obsidian is T4, Marble is T5 and Travertine is T6 for Stone Resources.


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    Thanks, Knossos. You are right. Slimey on Order

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    Those graves were marked incorrectly. They should have been normal structures and shouldn't have needed to be built. I've "popped" these on Order and they are now complete.

    I think I was able to sneak in the update to change Isle of Fire to Isle of Ice for delta later today.
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