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Thread: Hello...Has there been a discussion about Steam

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    Default Hello...Has there been a discussion about Steam

    played from Beta, this thing still around? I think it was one of the best concepts ever but poor implementation, am I wasting my time starting to play again? Do people still play or is everything like finished?

    Personally find it hard to sub to a game this old that has very little population

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    Yes people still play. Yes population is small. No everything is not finished. There is a small but dedicated team that works to fix and add new stuff as they can, updating existing areas, adding new. Not going to be as fast paced as larger games for sure but yes there is still stuff going on.

    Being small has its advantages. Questions actually usually get answered. Suggestions actually get listened to. Input from players is not only encouraged, its asked for on many occasions.

    Depending how long been since played alot may be changed. Can always created a free account and play, you can level any type of character up to i think level 15 maybe 20. Do whatever your level allows. Only limitation there is that I know of is can't own a plot/lair to build on. A free account will allow you to see if you might want to pay for a sub and player longer, or learn its not your cup of tea.

    Steam is an ongoing option. They are working on moving to unreal engine (slow going for sure cause of small team but is being worked on) and from what I've heard they don't want to do a steam roll out until that is done. Maybe a dev can tell more, but they for sure I know won't give a date when either will happen.

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    Un other advantage of a small and old community we are close, and friendly. on order the smaller community we still manage normaly to have one persone online ( exept probably during weekday on European work times). I you have questions, need things etc. you can just ask and normally there is one who will help you.

    Also there is a lot to do, after a years intense plying you will not have done everthing there is to do probably you are 3/4 to half way in.

    free supscription is to level 15. which will take a bout 2 week to month, Or much longer to compleately finisch

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    Default Re: Hello...Has there been a discussion about Steam

    For sure I forgot to mention the advantage of the small close and friendly community. One of the big reasons I still play after 15 (or is it 16?) years.

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    Don't know if you're considering Order or Chaos but I play on Chaos and there are always plenty of people online, both european and american times. Each nice we can usually comfortably get a group of 5 or 6 together for epic hunting, there are often 2 groups going and on weekends you can get huge groups going of 20ish. There are people online to chat with regularly too; marketplace often has at least 20 people in it (and isn't just used for trade chat), new player usually has a few in it and there are a couple of other chat channels. The world may not be as packed as something like WoW but even when I'm out resource gathering I'll randomly run into other players. And as said, the community is friendly and close and we are very welcoming!
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