yesterday I was doing Surtheim ( both of them) with some help small group.

as long as he stays away from his major damage dealers all is fine. But if he cast them then it takes a purify and about 3 of 85% healing spell to stop to get damage, consystandly. there are only two things that need dispelling and one of them should be anough to reduce the major damaging effect.

I start casting as sone as i see the redglow forming, and only after 4 spells of purification or with cleaning the red glow goes and damage taking stops.

I think it must have some thing to do with the slowness of passing on the visible information, iether in the client or data transfer or host.

This is even worse for healers whole have to cast healing spell constandly on information given to them. on how much damage others have. I have a very strong feeling i'm lacking behind on those also.

Oldin on order