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Thread: Where'd the Scion's Go?

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    Default Where'd the Scion's Go?

    Just a random question, and I suppose not entirely just directed at the Scions in general, but where'd they go? I've been playing on and off for over 14 years and the Scions have been a cornerstone on the Order server (Awdz in particular), now I haven't seen hide nor hair of any of them. I feel like the Order Shard must have lost a great number of their RPers (not limited to just the Scions) all at once, I just think it's weird that no one posted anything on the forums and no one left on the Order Shard that I've spoken with seem to know either.

    Those of us that are left are pretty community oriented, but it's sad to see so many old players have left.

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    Many went to Chaos shard because of the low population on Order. We miss them so much.
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    I had heard that, but I wasn't sure. Even their forum presence has dwindled, so I was starting to believe that they just quit Istaria in its entirety.

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    I can only speed for European times zones. And I haven't seen Awdz for a year but before that only twice in two years. Just before I came on a lot of people did leave to order due to low population. And more people have left directly or indirectly because of the same reason. Last night was very poor. Although those on order still will not leave, because of the admosphere on the server.

    Because of the low numbers setting a RPG session becomes more and more difficult.

    I think what you noticed was that the number in your time zone did drop below a critical mass to have RPG sessions on regular basis. It not a of sudden that it happened but noticeable now because the summer holiday's have ended.

    Oldin on order.

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    Thanks Oldin, I figured it was something like that. I was just curious if there was any "official" word from them is all.

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    I believe the reason for low population on both Order and Chaos is due to the release of World of Warcraft Classic a few days ago. I think a lot of them are just trying it out and will be back soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ming View Post
    Many went to Chaos shard because of the low population on Order. We miss them so much.
    Yeah, because helping a place with low population is done by making it even more empty... *sobs!*
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    Yeah, most of the Scions I knew moved to Chaos. I've seen some of them around, some of them quit. Time moves on I suppose. I do miss those that have quit.

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