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    I'm starting to notice that I often need to go far and wide to find cows and chickens. Is there any way to add a few cows and chickens to the farms around the racial cities (I know Dalimond has a few farms that are bereft of cows and chickens, I think the only farm animals near Dalimond are some sheep. From a gameplay standpoint this could help Confectioners, from a lore and Gameworld standpoint this would make sense as most major towns would have access to these resources.

    Alternatively, perhaps a plot structure could be added (like a barn) which adds a few farm animals to the plot or structure itself.

    If this has already been addressed, I apologize. I hadn't seen any thread about it.

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    You can go to New trismus the farmer there has quite a bid of cow, just killing them for meat and/or milk I didn't run out.

    chickens I found the largest concentration ad the farmer close to SSlanis, However its not anough if you just need eggs. And me thinks this is the largest concentration ( lore wise)

    For sheep I found a small concentration on abandoned iland but I think 6 isn't anough to keep going.

    Quite often there is a large plot but you have to hunt and ask around for it ( see my article on angry bright orb wisps)

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    Oh I know where to find them, but it seems odd that there are none I'm many places you would expect to find these animals. At the end of the day, running to Lesser Aradoth or New Trismus to get eggs and milk is fine but inconvenient. All things considered I think animals could make the most sense lore wise to be introduced in more places. Not only are there already many farms all over the mainland, but historically in the real world animals have been introduced in many environments. I don't think it would seem out of place to have some cows and chickens near the larger cities.

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    I agree, there is a lack of chickens, cows & sheep in the world of Istaria, it wouldn't hurt to increase their number and the number of places where they can be found.

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    This is in progress for the next update.
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    Awesome, thanks Amon!

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