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Thread: Chaos Issue on Resubbing

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    Default Chaos Issue on Resubbing


    I just resubbed an account on Istaria. On Order, I have 1 character and it works fine.

    On Chaos, I have 5 characters and none of them work. I can log in, but no controls are operational.I have to X out to return. Can move but cannot talk to anyoun and cannot get the blue button to work.

    Please help

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    Default Re: Chaos Issue on Resubbing

    so its not your pointer is not clicking where you point it since you can click on the X in upper right corner?

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    Default Re: Chaos Issue on Resubbing


    No. I can move the mouse around and move the character as I should.

    It is almost like I am not completely in sync with the game. I cannot get a conversation going with any NPC and the LL blue button does nothing and neither does any of the items in the UL drop down.

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    Default Re: Chaos Issue on Resubbing

    Im just spitballing here, couple things might try. In configuration (from the character select screen) if checked uncheck use DX shaders, and if that doesn't help, check the first option - full scan - Fully scan and patch all game files.

    If nothing else helps could always try the factory reset in configurations. Not sure what all that resets though.

    BTW whats uhh a UL ?

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    I think UL means upper left, assuming LL meant lower left, which I think it did because they said LL Blue Button.

    I agree with Smaug, scan and repatch all the game files, you could also do a fresh install if you want as well.

    It's unusual that your Order character is working fine but your Chaos characters aren't, I'm not sure I can think of any specific issues that could have caused that.

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    Default Re: Chaos Issue on Resubbing

    Are you running Chaos and Order characters on two separate installs? It really sounds like you log in in offline mode.
    You could check your ClientPrefs_Launch.def (Istaria>prefs) and find this line:

    bool netEnabled = true

    If this is false, you log in offline. You can't interact with anyone, you can't teleport etc you can only run around.

    If yours is set to false, set it to true. If during log in it reverts back, try logging out and deleting this file and logging in again, it would restore that file. Also double check in Launcher Configuration that Network Enabled is checked. (last option). Finally if still nothing, try factory reset....
    After that, ticket.
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    Default Re: Chaos Issue on Resubbing

    ahh yes the enable network not checked sounds like might be it

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    Default Re: Chaos Issue on Resubbing



    I am running on a Dell G3 with 16gig, 1tb C drive, 1TB D SSD, and 17 screen. I installed Istaria on the D SSD due to its speed.

    No issues installing, however, it was wonky when running.

    This morning, I checked all to comments and everything was fine.

    Next step was that I removed the D install and reinstaled on the C drive.

    Success!!! Everything appears to work now.

    I use the c:\Istaria path as the c:\program anything is always risky on PCs these days.

    Thanks to everyone on the feedback.

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    Default Re: Chaos Issue on Resubbing


    A newer update.

    I have tried for several days to get into Istaria. I go through the login fine, select my character, and appear in the game.

    I can move around but that is where everything stops working.

    The LL blue button does nothing. The portal does nothing. The only way I can leave the game is to hit the UR X and leave.

    I cannot create a new character.

    I would guess that this will mean that I will once again be forced to leave this game. I may return sometime in the future and try once more.

    Good luck to everyone.

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    Default Re: Chaos Issue on Resubbing

    you did make sure under configuration on launcher (character select screen) Enable Network has checkmark?

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    Default Re: Chaos Issue on Resubbing

    Simaler things happened to me upon re subing . the Fix is highly annoying but your exactly right Your not in sync the aspect ratio with the game and your computer assuming windows 10 cause that's what i use unfortunately . Getting back to your issue You need to slowly move your mouse untill you see the blue gem highlighted . then go in to Options while in game and choose an aspect ratio like 1920x800 I know this will not work at first and everything will either be too big or too small . then once your mouse is in sync by doing this change to the correct aspect ratio you should be good after that
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    Default Re: Chaos Issue on Resubbing

    That can usually be fixed also by minimizing the game and then bringing back up. Easist way is to click on the game on the task bar til window minimizes, then click it again to bring game back up.

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    Default Re: Chaos Issue on Resubbing

    Hi there! This issue should have been fixed in the latest test client (also known as the Blight client), you can test this by doing the following:

    Go to the character select screen on the launcher.

    Click Configuration at the bottom.

    Choose "Patch to Blight".

    Since the current Blight patch is mostly a client update this time, you can use it on the live servers too. Just log on as your normal character after the patching is done.

    Does this solve your problem? Please note that it takes some time for Blight patches to get sent to the live client since it needs to be tested.

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    Default Re: Chaos Issue on Resubbing

    the blight patch is causing some trouble selecting structures on plots though.

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    Default Re: Chaos Issue on Resubbing


    I gave it one more try and at the select screen, I clicked on configuration and selected a full rescan.

    It took a while, however, it appears to have corrected whatever had the system out of sync.

    Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. I have always had some issues with Istaria, but I also very much enjoy this game and I keep returning.

    Now, if I can only locate the funds needed to acquire a plot and start building.

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