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    Default strange logins

    I got an email that said that my account has been logined from the wrong place.

    It looks legal, but when looking into the had some thing as in it.

    not sure what is happening here, I took the aroundway, (going directly not by link) and change the password any how.

    It can be that the ip addresses got lost.

    just as a general warning.

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    Default Re: strange logins

    If you mis-typed "safelinks" as "savelinks" then the following link might offer some insight into what is going on:

    Hope this is helpful


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    Thanks. That is probably what happened ad least it was coming from outlook.

    Still I don't live in Glasgow, some would say i'm in a different country. (but i have the feel that's also wrong with the email, As it was send when i was logging in my self. even from my normal computer)

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    I get this message every time I log in.. since months..

    Its been talked about in an other thread and reported to devs too.

    I still don t know whats that all about
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