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    Question Graphics issues

    Greetings, returning player here with some issues with the graphics.

    First off, I'm running the game in dx 9 mode, anything maxed besides shadows, on a nvidia RTX 2070 Super. (1920x1080)

    So, when I'm in combat the popup damage numbers and texts appear unreadable, almost like it's compressed, which is somewhat bothersome, not sure if it's a scaling issues of some sort.

    Second thing I am wondering is, if it is possible to increase the size of the hotbars to make the buttons a little bit bigger,
    since the resolution is a bit taxing on my eyes, I tried to scale up the UI in general tho this messes up the font entirely.

    All in all, besides that, the game runs smooth for me.
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    running in windows or full screen mode? If windows try maximizing the window
    see if that helps

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    Thanks but already full screen, tho for some reason the problem with the damage numbers corrected itself.
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    Increasing size of hotkey bars far as I know isnt possible other then changing resolutions

    If having any other problems, win10 (if using) prefers windowed mode over full screen. Some have games that wont even load in full screen but work fine in windowed. If not using it might try borderless fullscreen, that is a window mode without title bar etc.

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    Got win 10 aswell and yes I had problems with other older games using fullscreen mode, which apparently was the fault of win 10 fullscreen optimization, might try this out with Istaria.

    Anyways, gotcha! I guess I can get used to it for now, all good, thanks again.
    Chars on Chaos: FengWindstalker (Dragon), Lethoxus (Sslik), Keleth (Sslik)

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