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    Just got my first (cargo) pet, tho it's name plate is a bit big, can I rename it or make it invisible?
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    You can rename pets by right clicking them, choosing 'Customize', and then changing the name at the top. You might be able to name it just a space or a period, which would effectively make the name invisible or very small, if you don't wish to see it. However, unfortunately, I do not believe there is a way to turn off nameplates for pets only - you would have to turn all of them off.

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    Thank you, but I already tried that and it didn't have any effect, maybe I did something wrong, will look into it again.

    Edit: I noticed the name changing in it's inventory, not as nameplate for me tho, still says "FengWindstalker's Pet", seems it's a seperate thing.
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    You need to unequip the pet and haive it in your inventory before customizing its name. Once it's equipped again, you should have your name change active.
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    That did the trick, thanks!
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