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Thread: Old player returning maybe

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    Hi All
    I am a little split in if I should return or not to Istaria. I played back in the days where it was Horizons.
    I use to love the game and I was a memeber of really great guild which really made the game more engaging.
    Until Star wars Galaxies took me :P
    I have been in and out a little the past many years. Just the feeling of flying around had been enough for me to pay for a month here and there. Even level up a bit.

    However, I do feel like playing again atleast just to try get my dragon character to ancient. It have been a Istaria dream of mine. But I have ended up getting bored doing so and then ended up the sub only to be returning months later.

    Could anyone motivate me a little with all the pro's of Istaria?
    So my yellow/red dragon once more can soar the skies.

    Old player from Denmark

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    Default Re: Old player returning maybe

    What shard are you on? Order? Chaos?
    I am very lucky to know my bonded mate and even luckier still to know i am always on his mind and he on mine for that i am very happy.

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    Appearently I have choose Order.

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    Welcome to Order! I don't know when you played before but there have been many changes and it would take too long to tell you everything. Do you know dragons have a new craft, crystal shaping? These crystals are very useful. Dragons have many new things and so you might have more fun. But I'm just a biped so I won't try to explain. There are many dragons on Order who will be happy to see you and help you.
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    There's a lot more to do these days. I also started way back when it was Horizons and have been on and off through the years. I last played around 6 years ago, took a break then came back Feb this yaer. I've been subscribed ever since and have found no end of stuff to do. I've finally caught up on (most) of my dragon adventure quests, maxed all 3 crafting schools, built most of my lair, messed around on my other 4 hatchies, done lots of epic hunting with friends, levelled a lot of biped crafting schools and am slowly doing some adventuring on my biped as well. Quests are more plentiful and better fleshed out than they used to be (but I think some tiers are still lacking, could be wrong on this)
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    Don't hesitate to join chat channels as Marketplace or New Player to ask questions and get advice.
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    greeting unto thee. and welcome to order then it is, lots have changed and if you have questions please ask. It can be that you get a bid delayed response because we are not many. But most of us are happy to help you out.

    oldin on order

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