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    Just a quick suggestion to potentially decrease the seemingly massive amount of threat that healing generates. One of my group members just became a Healer and he's been having some serious difficulties because of the threat he seems to generate every time he casts a healing spell. It's gotten so bad that three quarters of the time we're in a battle with more than a single entity, he's spending the majority of his time healing himself, rather than the rest of the group. I've had success pulling the mobs off of him with the KNoC's Battle Shout, but there are only so many mobs I can tank at once. Most of the time the other two group members are untargeted for the majority of the battle. He's even in Protective Stance which reduces his threat by 10%.

    I understand that healing draws aggro and creates threat, but it seems like healing in Istaria generates far more threat than anything other than Battle Shout. Is it possible to get this toned down just a bit? I don't think in a group of four the Healer should be the one getting attacked almost exclusively, we have a Crossbowman who does some serious damage and even his DPS doesn't pull and hold aggro as well as our Healer using revitalize.

    Food for thought, I apologize if this has already been brought up.

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    Currently we do two things to agro generated by healing. It is weighted so that it produces less agro than damage and we further divide it by the number of members of your group (the bigger the group, the less threat a healer will produce). However, in reviewing this I think I found a bug so we're investigating it further.
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    I appreciate the explanation, it sounds like the threat is calculated reasonably enough. From personal experience though, something appears off with how often our healer is getting targeted over everyone else. If the bug doesn't prove to be affecting threat calculation, we'll just take it at face value!

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    Sorry to hijack the thread but personally I think aggro just doesn't work at all in this game; I don't mean that I think it's bugged, I mean I think it needs an overhaul (but I know due to the engine etc it probably isn't possible). I recently tried using the Protection stance as a dragon in epic groups, thinking I don't mind doing next to no damage if it keeps everyone else alive and means healers mostly just have to heal me. No such luck. Because I'm doing no damage I get no aggro so I just become useless. Even using the aggro skill (menacing presence?) I couldn't get or keep a mobs attention.
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