Glit'sita ol aot, eilerten elg naka-duskael! Or, if you prefer, greetings to all, dragons and non-dragons! I am Toadhailys, commonly known (of course) as "Toad." I'm the pink hatchling on Order you may have seen scurrying hither and yon, primarily working on Training Quests.

My plan was to reach my 50th season in both DRAG and DCRA, and I am nearing that first goal (48/46). Once I've done so, II plan on acquiring the Simulated Tempered Chest Scale from Vladtmordt, the do all of the level 50 training quests (adventure and crafting), and, then, finally, to begin the Rite of Passage as a Helian.

I'm in the Immortal Legacy guild, and there are a number of incredibly helpful, friendly folks in our chat channel, and I know I shall have quite a few companions at various points in this Quest, but, I'd like to extend an invitation to any on Order to join in the party.

For role-playing purposes, I chose to wait until level 50 and to gain the final hatchling scale as a way of "asking" the Council of Elders for permission to attempt the RoP, as well as a way of proving my "worth." In gaming terms, as well as wanting that scale, I also wanted to be at least some use during the various fights with bosses in the RoP; I know I'll still need help!

So...if you're on Order, and you'd like to be involved, please pop into the Immortal Legacy chat channel; I'm usually in-game during my morning/afternoon (US EST)...I'd love to have a big group during the RoP and for my actual ascension and first flight!