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    As a lvl 21 adventurer school class I can turn in a Go Bag 5 for 3000 xp up to 10 times. What is the experience for the same lvl of the Go Bag 100? 20x3000 = 60,000 xp?

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    Oh, and do the xp potions bought with gratitude tokens double the xp?

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    Hello there,

    The Go Bag 100 quests do not take into account any bonus EXP for the first turn-in. The reason is it cannot determine whether you've already done so for the original Go Bag 5 quests or calculate the difference, etc. It's recommended you do the first 100 trophies as regular groups of 5, and then the rest in groups of 100, if you're in a new tier.

    As for the EXP potions, they boost your EXP by how much is in their name. 200% is double XP, 150% is 1.5x, and 125% is 1.25x

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    I have a spreadsheet of experience I get for every tier of the go bag 5 trophy quests. I understand after 10 turn ins, it gets halved. Your saying the go bag 100 quests are already halved? And that the go bag 100 quests is just so I don't have to do 20 go bag 5 quests individually?

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    I'll test it on Blight. I didn't know there were T6 trophy quests, so no point doing bag 100 quests.

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    Ok, so I did the turn in go bag 100 quests, and I had already done over 10 of the go bad 5 of the same tier and name. XP is 20 times more than the single. Makes sense, so the go bag 100 is for ease of re-clicking the go bag 5 if you have that many trophies.

    My next question is if I had not done a Go Bag 5 of a certain mob, I do one of the Go Bag 5, then how many of the Go Bag 100 can I do from same mob to get full xp? 9 more to still get full xp? I'd need 905 trophies of each mob I never turned a Go Bag in for to get the biggest bang for my trophies.

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    I copied to blight with 905 murk crab glands. Never turned them in before. Did one Go Bag 5 Murk crab gland and had a +100 bonus pot on. Got 700,000 xp. Did the Go Bag 100 Murk crab gland and only got 7,000,000 on the second turn in ever. Did 10 more go bag 5 murk crab gland quests and on the 11th turn-in got 350,000 xp. Then I was able to do the go bag 100 Murk crab gland quest for 20x350,000 xp = 7,000,000xp. No 14 million xp with xp pot .

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    Blight is already on double XP, you can't mix this with XP potions: only the highest XP modifier will be taken in account (Blight = x2, Veteran Adventure Experience Potion = x1.25; x2 wins).
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    I was hoping to get max turn in on go bag 100 t6 trophy quests and double that with 100% bonus xp for 14 million a turn in. max xp plus the 100% bonus only applies to go bag 5 quests if you never turned them in before.

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