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Thread: Rating 278 Title is in order.

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    Default Rating 278 Title is in order.

    After 274 days played I finally have all adv schools 100. A nice title with some nice stats/skill/dmg yada yada would be sweet. Something that says "Hey, almost a year of your life was in this game here's your gold watch"

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    Default Re: Rating 278 Title is in order.

    I'm just impressed you did it so quickly, that's astounding... Here I am still trying to hit 100 in one class after like 12 years

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    Default Re: Rating 278 Title is in order.

    Apparently Its been said that rating 278 isn't that difficult anymore with the double xp events/pots and t6 trophies. I still did the bulk of my leveling the old school way with trophy farming. Couldn't see myself whacking maggots for days on end. So for 13,500 trophies, give or take, plus double xp event or a potion, you can be rating 278 too.

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    Default Re: Rating 278 Title is in order.

    It's certainly been considered many times - as well as something for max adventure and craft rating - but it's just been hard to pin down exactly what to reward players with.

    You surely aren't forgotten and it's not something we have denied - just something we want to approach right the first time.

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    Default Re: Rating 278 Title is in order.

    first two classes is the hardest.

    After you have two maxed, join all the "prestige schools" and get the boost from lvl 20 then you can use T5 trophies, can farm those at 300 per hour in at least one spot, then you can move to T6 trophies at 100 per hour. Can be made even quicker if you have 2 logins and use your dragon to harvest trophies while your other char leeches.

    How about "persistent" for a title

    and "Know it All" for a 278/234 char
    Sanben - 100 Healer, 100 Shaman, 100 Guardian, 100 Spiritulist, 100 Con an some other bits
    Festima - 100 Reaver, 100 Cleric, 100 Druid, 100 Armoursmith.

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