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    Can anyone explain how block chance is calculated? I've sunken QUIIIIIITE a large amount of TPs into Shield on the assumption that a higher shield skill will increase your block chance, but I'm not so certain now. Can anyone give a breakdown on what actually increases a character's block chance?


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    Shield skill is like Armor Use: it's only used to equip a shield, it doesn't count into the block calculation.
    Read this thread about the to-hit calculation, blocking is mentionned there:

    Otherwise, enhance your Block statistic with using techniques, crystals, or some schools abilities (some are passive as Block Bonus mastered at level 44 Spearman: ).
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    Thanks for that link Firebrand, I had done a search of the forums but didn't see that one come up.

    Regardless, it seems as though the shield skill does have something to do with block chance according to that forum post at least. Perhaps I wasn't understanding it correctly, but it would make sense though. My block chance as a 45th level KnoC with no buffs active is 55 (this is including the block bonus which was granted from KnoC). With all my buffs active I push it to 70, which seems fairly good. However, my brother who is also making a KnoC character, has gotten up to 30th level and his block statistic is only 35 unmodified as compared to my 55. The only difference are our TPs, he has spent nothing on the shield skill and I have spent almost everything. There don't appear to be any abilities that I got in the 15 level difference that would have raised the chance and as KnoCs we don't have any weapons or shields with socketed crystals which would account for the difference. It's confusing, and it would be nice if there were some sort of breakdown given so that players could tailor their characters a bit more specifically to what they wish to do.

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    Block "contest" % calc: Comparison of defender's Shield skill against incoming attack skill modifies base chance to be eligible to block. No bonuses nor other attributes apply.

    Block "contest" check: A random percentage is "rolled". If it is below the % calculated above, the attack is eligible to be blocked.

    Block check: If eligible, a random percentage is "rolled". If it is below (20% + Block bonus), the attack is blocked.

    This is the relevant section. Note that Shield skill is used, but not for the actual block itself, but for the "contest" which determines if you are eligible to block. Sort of a secondary to-hit but solely for the block.
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    Thanks Amon! That cleared it right up, I'm glad my shield TPs aren't going to waste!

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    There is a crystal that drops now that adds +24 block lvl 100 off mylocs I believe and can be put in armor, so one in shield and one in helm. I use the +dodge tech on boots +16 and I dodge a lot. Also a +24 parry weapon crystal. You can make a nice defensive template for a tank with these. Radiant Cloudy crystals.
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    That block crystal sounds fantastic, hopefully it can be put on armor however most crystals that increase block that I've seen are shield only. Keeping my fingers crossed :P

    As a KnoC I can't use parry crystals if I'm using the summoned sword, which I prefer to do, but I've been looking for other ways to increase my parry (like mastering Shimmer Field).

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    Block crystal goes in helm, just tested it. Get Battle mage to 88 and get shimmerfield II for +10 block and parry. Easier said than done right?

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    Got Battle mage up to 40, just a bit more 😂

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