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    I have a 100 warrior with 83 in cleric and 40 in mage

    My question is, as I level other schools, how can I see what spells and abilities I can use to level with? When I switch to Cleric I can cast all my heals and buffs, but when I switch to mage, they are grayed out, even though I have the requisite Life skill. Also, when in Cleric school, my Mage spells/abilities aren't available. I understand that only mastered abilities can be used in other schools, but what about spells?

    Is there a guide that explains what skills and abilities can be used while leveling multiple adventure classes?

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    Spells have school and level requirements, not only skill. You can't cast your Tier IV or V Cleric buff spells as a lvl 40 Mage because they doesn't meet the level requirement. And you can't cast your Flame Bomb as Cleric because it doesn't meet the school requirement when your active school is Cleric.

    For active school, if you school is listed in green in the spell requirements, you can use it with this school.
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    I had forgotten you were able to cast lower level buffs while in the other schools. It seems like I knew that at one point years ago and forgot... Thank you

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