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Thread: Your Bi-Ped build!

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    Default Your Bi-Ped build!

    I was curious about which schools in adventure and crafting that you've specialized your Bi-Peds in.
    Why did you do as you did and why do you like the schools you've chosen?


    I'm leveling a Reaver at the moment. Will do healer for her as well. Any ideas to something else I should level in as well?

    For crafting I'll be doing a bit of everything. But building on a plot is high on my list!
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    Default Re: Your Bi-Ped build!

    I'm old old so alot I did way back when probably not applicable to today. After getting mage/cleric/warrior/ranger up around 10 to 15 I then went for druid solely cause it had cloak of thorns and gained in augmentation to help with buffing. Took druid all the way to 100 before doing any others for most part. Can't remember after that what I did, sorta looked at different schools and selected them to level by which had interestingly looking abilities that were masterable.

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    For GMC, I followed essentially what I wrote here -

    For adventure, I started out in Warrior as it gave 10 au and weapon skills per level - wanted to max those out. I then went Mage to get my magic skills up, Spiritist for the Spirit skill, and Healer for the utility. Somewhere in there I leveled Bloodmage, which was my end-goal school to play as, and I still do, but I wanted to build up the skills for it first.

    After that I did Monk to 100 (max evasion), Conjurer to some odd level to master Multicast II, Ranger somewhere up there for Fleet of Foot and Nature's Path, etc - just sort of picked and chose a bunch of odd skills for masteries.

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    Default Re: Your Bi-Ped build!

    Do you want to mainly do melee or cast spells? A lot depends on that. Also be aware that some crafting schools
    give bonuses. For example, Fitter gives strength. Look on one of the websites to see which abilities from
    adventure schools can be "mastered". Those you keep when you are not playing the school where you got them if
    you did twice the levels when you got the ability. So if you got an ability at level 20, in order for a masterable
    ability to transfer no matter what adv. school you are playing, you have to go to level 40 in the school you got
    that ability in.
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    Default Re: Your Bi-Ped build!

    For Damius Smythwick I took him to 18 mage and 20 Warrior to jump into that sweet, sweet Knight of Creation. I'm currently leveling KnoC but I stopped to bring Battle mage to 40 for Shimmer Field (because I must block EVERYTHING).

    My adventure rating is only 51, so I've still got a little way to go. Honestly my best advice is to find a class you enjoy and level that. As you do so, look around on the wikis to see if any other classes have abilities or skill gain that could compliment your primary class and begin leveling that class as well to master those abilities and gain the skills.

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    Default Re: Your Bi-Ped build!

    For Oldin

    I did is a bid a blunt way.
    First 3 month i spend on becomming GMC. got also a grand hall an a plot for storidge
    Then i started aventuring as worrior (hitpoints) healer( healing) and spiritist intemixed to level 100.
    After that i leveled up other classes which were the most use full for a healer/ spelcaster.
    Now i'mn in the stage trying to get GMA. having leveleed up all classes to level 80 ad least and slowly getting them 4 by four to level 100. And i rebuild my crafting storidge plot with full fasilities.

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