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    Default Finding Monsoon

    I need to kill Monsoon. I go to Drakul and go west to green coast. I see his symbol on my map. For two hours I tried to find him but he never spawned. I looked at Lexica to find anywhere else. Lexica says he is at 152/239 but that is in middle of ocean for me. Can anyone tell me where Monsoon is supposed to be? I went several times today to where he shows on map and nothing is there just an empty coast with a few trees. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Slimey on Order
    Can monsters be force spawned in Istaria?

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    Default Re: Finding Monsoon map shows coordinates of 14870/29801 for Monsoon.


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    Thanks Knossos. That is where my map had his location. I sit there today for 2 hours with nothing and went back 4 times. Late this evening, he finally showed up once. Thanks again. Slimey

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    He has a rather large wandering area.
    For boss mobs it's always best to set up a special hotkey for them.
    Right click an hotkey and select Edit Hotkey,
    Add Action Type select menu and select Text Command,
    Action Detailt box type in... /select the Plus icon at end of box,
    Bottom left of window click the /ss... button and pick an icon to use (be careful because some icons already have assigned actions that will add to your hotkey)
    click Save.
    Now every time you click that hotkey it will say in chat window "There is no player, enemy, or NPC with a name like Monsoon" ..until you are within range of him then it will select him, sometimes before he even shows as visible on your screen (lag buildup).

    Apologies if you already know this but its helpful if you didn't

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    Thanks for that info. I was using a hotkey for finding all monster but none are showing up. I will try your hotkey and see if it works better. Yes I have found him on another land jut while hunting him. He seems to have a very long spawn rate maybe even greater than an epic once killed. Thanks. Slimey on order

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    I use for my hotkey locator...
    1. Action.....................Select Nearest Enemy (This allows me a visual that macro is still running)
    2. Wait.......................0.2 seconds
    3. Text Command......../select Monsoon
    4. Execute Hotkey.......Bank x Button x (repeats til stopped, just watch target window/chat as move around)

    you can put as many mob names as want between 2 and 4 creating a multi mob locator all on one hotkey.
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