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Thread: Saying my goodbyes.

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    Default Saying my goodbyes.

    Don't think I ever made an account here. I'd like to say I had fun playing this game for the past two months. After nine years a lot has changed good and bad. I wish the people in my old friends list were still around as it was hard to make new ones. The new ones I did meet made this game more fun to be a part of. It was nice meeting you Lovwyrm/Lunalov, the people of Scarlet Dawn are great people. Might not mean a lot to some, but saying hello to me each time I logged in, well I appreciated that. Smaug/Scramjet/Elteria you're good people. Thanks for including me on epic fights. TDO, thanks for having me and showing me how to lvl CrystalShaper in 10 hours. LOL. Xelrah, never really met you, but your guide gave me the knowledge to do somethings in this game I thought impossible. I'd like to think I may have improved on it, but that could be construed as heresy. If I could bottle up that feeling I got killing my first greater epic... what a rush. LengendarySpyro, even though English isn't your main language.. I was picking up what you were laying down brother. Keep trying to make your dragon better. Good luck all and happy hunting.

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    oh no Chainsaw, please no.

    That really hurts. I missed you the last days, but I thought you ve been testing on Blight.
    What ever makes you want to leave- and I know that sometimes there seem to be a lot of reasons to leave-
    starting with boredom, to annoyance bout game/devs things(co players up to lonelyness.

    Lets talk about it?
    Lets find a solution
    I m sure not only I will be there to listen.

    You surely do not know what it ment to me to play with you and been tought by you the first days I returned.
    You invited that clueless dragons who ve been lieing in front of a certain porter- not sure what to do.
    You are such a good player and teacher..
    Please think it over.
    Its not that I cannot understand-
    I m here since more than a decade..
    and I know -at least I guess-what makes you wonna leave..

    I will be on today- not sure when- we still need to prepare for worst case causd by the corona virus.
    Flame needs to visit his docs as long as its possible and I need to see my dentist tomorrow.
    Where ever you are- Istaria is good place to hide if pandemia comes close.

    We once left cause we could not kill epics with our small group...

    hey chain.. lets rock them again..
    YOU told me to play a dragon!

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    Ciao Chainsaw

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    I'm sorry to see you go but understand why, in certain circumstances. If I may give you a tip: Why don't you have a break for a month or two and try again then? I've made that a few times, even on other games and that made me more relax afterwards.


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    Fair weather while exploring realms outside of Chaos. We will welcome you back when you return.

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