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    Question Playerbase?

    When I was really young I remember playing this game, looking back it felt sorta like a fever dream and It took awhile to find, Im really interested in getting back into it but was wondering how the playerbase is doing? It seems very small on the forum side of things but thats fine by me, really im more concerned about how active people are, doesn't matter how many people are active though.

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    We mainly use the Discord page now for communications and Devs are active in there too.
    Whilst not the largest playerbase, we have one of the most helpful communities and more like an Istarian family playerbase.
    In-game is pretty much the same, while 'Chaos' is the larger server, if you like Role Play then 'Order' server is for you.
    As for "active" we are pretty much online everyday, you will soon get used to the same old names
    Ofcourse time zones play a part but there is normally people on at all times of the day/night and the in-game 'Market Chat' channel is a must to join.

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    And some of us can be found night or day, time zones be damned ..

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