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Thread: Strange Things on Crafting

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    Default Strange Things on Crafting

    I was trying to make an adamantium tool claw today. I was adding three tool sockets to it. When I tried to make it at first, it said I needed 24 adamantium bars and 9 bronze bars and etc. When I went to the expert blacksmith shop, it said I was 4 bronze bars short. I got 4 more bars and tried to make the claw. Well it REMOVED all my buffs and gifts. The screen now says I am too low to make claw. I cast my gifts and buffs again to go above minimum. Now it says I need 43 adamantium bars. After fighting all this, I make the claw with using only what was asked for the first time I tried it. So I ended up using 24 Adam. bars and 9 bronze bars. Why did it ask for so many more bars than were needed?? Why did it remove my gifts and buffs for??? I had cast my gifts and buffs before I tried to make this claw. Anyway I made this claw after all this headache. Thanks. Slimey on Order

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    Perhaps when you looked at what you needed you were in the field, so it didnt take into account the boost you get from fianlly crafting at a T6 machine?
    Also you know you can buy socket techs from Town Pb's and just drag/drop them onto the items after creation so you don't need bronze

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    Hi Slimey,

    There's a bug currently with technique components doubling, tripling, etc, when you try to create more than one of a techniqued item and in some other situations. We're looking into it. You can get around it by opening the formula and applying the techniques with all your tools/machines ready.

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    Thanks for the quick replies. The doubling or tripling of resources has happened before. The loss of my gifts was new. Like I said, it was strange. I know about the socket techs but it is nice to make the item as I want it. Thanks again. Slimey on Order

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