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Thread: Lore: Journals of Allathos and Nelthorr

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    Default Lore: Journals of Allathos and Nelthorr

    It can be hard to collect and read all of the journals in-game, so I have transcribed them here for those curious.

    32nd Awakening, 2352 B.R
    Allathos and I have traveled further from our lair than any journey before. The mountains here are glorious. I can only imagine what it would be like to delve deep into their rocky shell and build a new home for us to raise hatchlings in. This dream is not to be, though, for in our journeys today we discovered that these mountains are home to a race of naka that we have not seen before. Allathos says they remind her of the very rocks that they use to build their homes, though they are short and the mountains are tall. It was just before dawn that I first laid eyes on one, but I am near certain there are more. At dawn I intend to search further.

    33rd Awakening, 2352 B.R
    I was right! There are more of these strange two-legged creatures. A whole clutch of them, in fact. More than I could easily count from the skies above. I have warned Allathos to take care and not be seen by them yet, and so we fly high above them with caution. We have found a mountain that these stunted naka have left alone and it is there which we begin to build our lair. The work is difficult and tedious at times, but Allathos and I agree that we wish to remain here and study these naka for now.

    45th Awakening, 2352 B.R
    The lair is slowly taking shape. Allathos works alone often during the day and this has allowed me time to study these new naka more closely. They are an unusual race unlike any we have seen before. Strong like the giant naka of the north, they are able to carry loads much heavier than their own body appears to be, yet seem to use no magic in doing so. They work the earth much like a dragon building a lair, but the stone and metals which come from the earth they form into tools much as other naka would use. The stone is used to make odd above ground caves which the naka use to sleep in at night. They leave the lairs which they dig out empty. An odd naka indeed.

    51st Awakening, 2352 B.R
    Today we spotted more small naka to the north, these just as organized as the others we have been watching. But where the others worked in stone and dug their own primitive lairs, these were working with metal and harnessing magical energies. It was strange to watch them scurry about unconcerned while all the while arcs of deadly energy jumped from spire to spire. What strange naka these are indeed!

    64th Awakening, 2352 B.R
    The first stage of the lair is complete, thanks to Allathos hard work. She has tirelessly shaped the lair and we finally have a library and a resting chamber. After a short rest we are going to fly east across the great mountain range that divides the continents and see what lies beyond. And while my observations and interest in these stunted naka is still strong, the need to feel the wind on my scales and look down upon the clouds is even stronger.

    115th Awakening, 2340 B.R
    Allathos and I have reached an expanse of water that stretches beyond our sight into the east. Perched atop the immense trees of a great and ancient forest we watched Drulkar's Eye disappear beneath the waves. Beneath us the Dryad as they are call themselves flutter about seeking knowledge of nature and communion with their goddess, one they call Alyssa. It was hard at first to believe that they could be sentient, these tiny beings that are even smaller than the stunted naka we studied years ago.

    121st Awakening, 2340 B.R
    After much deliberation, Allathos and I decided to descend to the ground and rest for I am weary from our travels. Upon the ground we were approached hesitantly by the Dryad and after an exchange of pleasantries were offered food and drink, both of which we declined of course. After observing these Dryad for a time we have determined that they eat no meat! Instead they subsist on the plants that grow along the forest floor. How they survive on such fare neither Allathos nor I can decide... Perhaps it is the reason for their small stature!

    125th Awakening, 2340 B.R
    The Dryad have introduced us to another race of naka who live beneath the trees with them; the Satyr, a tall and dark-skinned people whom we are told greatly enjoy music and dancing, but are also masterful stone builders. We are told that their city, Bachan, lies along the coast to the south. Allathos and I have agreed to visit it once I am able, but for now I am filled with such weariness as I cannot abide long flights.

    131st Awakening, 2340 B.R
    Allathos and I flew over the city called Bachan today and we were struck by the apparent skill and beauty with which the Satyr can sculpt stone. It is no match for the great works of Dragonkind, but it surpasses any work we have seen in all of our journeys. We were entreated to stay, but I can feel myself tiring already and so reluctantly we turned west and gained altitude to catch the great winds of Drulkar's Breath to ease our passage across the great mountains.

    150th Awakening, 2340 B.R
    We have arrived home to Dralk and were greeted with enthusiasm and curiosity by friends and family, many of whom wish to read these journals and learn more of the world outside. I have promised them that I shall soon publish them for all to read, but first I must rest for I am filled with a great weariness that tires me to the very bone. Allathos is concerned and rightfully, but I will be well enough soon and we shall fly again.


    52nd Awakening, 2300 B.R
    Last awakening I returned to observe the naka again only to find that their clutch home was empty. I was able to find them, though, further up the valley all having gathered for what appears to be some sort of celebration. The male naka, ones I have heard called miners in this naka tongue, come out of their lair-cave carrying hoards of bright gemstones. It seems that these naka value these gemstones almost as much as dragons! They do not, however, seem to have even a rudimentary understanding of energy which the gems possess.

    59th Awakening, 2282 B.R
    I have flown across Istaria to a land the naka call Lesser Aradoth. I remember well when Nelthorr and I first came to this many years ago. Then it was wild and unsettled, with wandering groups of naka who call themselves the Saris. They are covered in fur, not scales, and move about the world with a grace near equal to that of a dragon. Now I return to find these naka having settled in a barren part of the land, along the shore at the island's end, building above ground dwellings as the Satyr have done, but in a very different style.

    74th Awakening, 2273 B.R
    Work continues on the Saris building, though their efforts seem to produce results even slower than a dragon building a lair. They remove the very stones from the ground, spend many an awakening shaping the stone just so, and then place it on the building, joining them to one another with a magic I have yet to determine. Were Nelthorr here, I'm certain he would have by now made contact with these Saris naka and learned their secrets. I, though, am not as strong as he even after the weakness overtook him, and so continue to observe from a distance.

    114th Awakening, 2264 B.R
    The restlessness I have felt since Nelthorr passed through The Veil continues to follow me. I left the Saris to complete their stone structure and flew eastward. It seems a lifetime ago that Nelthorr and I flew through these winds together, over the great water to the home of the Dryads and Satyrs. Both races of naka greeted me with the same weary friendliness of their ancestors, though the fear I sensed in them quickly faded to recognition. It seems that tales of my previous visit with Nelthorr are oft told to younglings. The beauty of the Satyr homes and common buildings far surpasses that of those the Saris have planned. I am tempted to return to the Saris with instruction from the Satyrs, though I feel my presence was not truly welcome there.

    132nd Awakening, 2260 B.R
    I have returned to our lair in Dralk after a failed attempt to work with the Saris named Galt. As I thought, he wished not to learn from any, though seemed frightened when I approached. Though I feel a need to continue to travel more, to study the various naka-duskael races and their lives, I must honor Nelthorr's memory and commit that which I have learned thus far to preserve it for future generations. Thus I will remain here in Dralk, working with the scholars to record what is known of the naka-duskael despite my own feelings.

    8th Awakening, 2157 B.R
    It has been many years since Nelthorr and I observed the stunted naka and so I have flown east to measure their progress. It would seem that in the time since our last visit Drulkar has shattered the mountain on which we once perched. The top is now filled with fire and smoke and I can feel Drulkar's Breath, both cool and hot at the same time, all around.

    12th Awakening, 2157 B.R
    I have landed on a ridge to the south of the naka to observe. As I suspected much has changed in the intervening years! Unlike Dragonkind, the naka breed quite fast and so the valley below me and indeed the hills all around are filled with naka; mining, planting, building. They are industrious as they scurry about. I shall remain here and observe for a time in hopes that I may discover what it was that Nelthorr saw in these stunted beings.

    15th Awakening, 2157 B.R
    I was attacked today by the naka! In my haste I found a position on the ridge, but Drulkar's Eye was behind me and the naka saw my shape. I was surprised to find a large band of them charging up the hill brandishing small weapons! While they are no match for me in a fight and indeed I slew many, I was still forced to take to the air and flee from their very numbers.

    17th Awakening, 2157 B.R
    I have flown east to my former lair to rest. Here far from the naka I can recover and regain my strength. They may be small, but their weapons are sharp and more than a few pierced my scales. The cool air of the lair soothes my nerves and calms my mind. Soon I will return to Dralk to tell the Council of the threat these naka may pose to Dragonkind.

    18th Awakening, 2157 B.R
    I was awoken by the sound of heavy feet and harsh voices outside my lair. The naka must have found me! They are already here and I can tell by the noise and footsteps that there are a great many, perhaps more than I fought before! I am not yet recovered, but they will find me to be no easy prey even in a confined space. Let them come, let Drulkar's Judgement be done.
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