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    Default To Istaria from Dobro

    I played this game when it first came out, with a group of dragons that started out tiny and eventually got our wings and we flew everywhere!

    I was so surprised to see the game is still around. Is there anyone still playing? I poked my head into the game a while back and I was the only one on.
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    Welcome back to Istaria!

    People still play, for sure, and we at Virtrium are working on the game still to deliver content updates to the game. We are currently in a double experience period for the duration of our world's quarantines. Earlier today I saw 74 people online on the Chaos server, which is the most populated server. Order is smaller, and Blight is generally empty as it is a testing server.

    If you need any help, have any technical questions, or encounter any issues, feel free to write to us at support or join our Discord server.

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    Greetings, fellow Lunus and Helians!

    So I decided to check again if this game is still going on and I was surprised to see that it does! I used to play Istaria about 6-7 years ago, but I only had a free access account, which is now lost. Therefore, I decided to create a new account and start out fresh because I really missed the world of Istaria.

    I play on the Chaos server under the same name: Senua Sunfyre. If anyone else plays as a dragon and would like to hang out with me, send me a PM here or friend me on Chaos. I would really like to get into the game more serious and will probably upgrade to a paid subscription.

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