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Thread: The New Signs for Bi-ped Plots

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    Default The New Signs for Bi-ped Plots

    After this last delta, there were signs added that could be applied to a plot. I added two, one human and one dragon. Both have the same problem. The font is too small and I am having trouble starting a new line. I read in the delta notes to place a /n in front of the word to move to next line. I have tried /n with and without spaces and all it does is put "/n" on the sign without starting a new line of text. How do I start a new line of text??? I have one sign with a space before and after /n and the other has no spaces with /n. They both just show the /n with my text. How do I get a second line on these signs? Can the font be enlarged at all? Thank you. Slimey on Order

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    Default Re: The New Signs for Bi-ped Plots

    Hi Slimey - it is \n (backslash n) not /n (forward slash n).

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    Thanks, that worked. Thank you so much. It's what I get for not looking closely. Slimey on Order (looks better too)

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    I do have trouble reading them, bigger font size would be lovely.
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