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    I am a returning player and I saw the addition of costumes which is a fantastic feature. A pair of two costumes I'd love to see added are "Juvenille Nostalgic Head Scale" and "Adult Nostalgic Head Scale".

    These would function the same way as the anniversary costume head scales except they would make you appear as the Juvenille version and Adult version of your own dragon respectively.

    This would be very neat for Adults / Ancients that want to see their younger draggie forms!

    Pretty please with TWO cherries on top? :P

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    Hi! There's some technical challenges behind this kind of thing but it is something that's been brought up before, we don't have a solution to the issues at this time - We're constantly looking for ways to improve the cosmetic applications of costumes and so on and in the future something like this might become possible. Thank you for your suggestion and welcome back!

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    Ahh thanks for the response! I do hope to see it at some point. But I certainly won't hold it against you if it winds up not being doable.

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    Hey I've been trying to understand how the system works and think I have a way of doing this. When you have an item that is used to apply a costume, it loads an .ent file. You can just have a costume that points to the dragonj_u.ent file within the resources/entities/characters of Istaria's files or having a duplicate file with the contents of dragonj_u.ent Then when loading the costume it gives it that appearance.

    This can also be done with juvenille skins in order to prevent flight while a hatchie.

    Now that we know it is possible, it'd be awesome to see this in game so that everyone can see you as your hatchie rather than only clientside.

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    Hi again! I had more of a look into this after our previous conversation and it turns out the reason the tech behind this hasn't been pursued (currently even if you change your .ent you aren't treated as a hatchling, can't glide and so on) is because the dev team doesn't want adults / ancients running around masquerading as hatchlings (at least being a 1:1 copy of your original self). The sentiment is that if you want to stay a hatchling you should just not ascend.

    I know that's probably not what you want to hear but the social considerations are troublesome with it (especially on Order, the RP shard), nice job though in figuring out the .ent system!

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    Oh yes, I can definitely feel anti-masquerading resentment here; especially considering that one of my characters, a perma-hatchie on Order, already despises adults and ancients. She would not be happy to learn that there were some adults or ancients that would try to deceive her by wearing the form of a hatchling.

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