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    This is a big THANK YOU for all the new things we can build on our plots.
    A big THANK YOU to all who worked on this!!

    So many new things- not only with this patch- its regulary now.
    How much we missed that in the past.

    So many things- and a such a variety- so everybody`s taste will be satisfied.

    A big THANK YOU too -to all the gifted plotbuilder, who give Istaria such a lovely appearance.

    Each plot is worth looking at
    but I dare to tell you my favs^^.
    visit and enjoy:

    - Old Oaks Chaos
    - Heather Chaos

    - Lower Cliffside (Sheperd`s mountain) Order
    - Himeji (Sheperds`s mountain) Order

    as said..there are so many more wonderful plots-

    Which are your favs? Share with us:-)

    Happy building
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    Awesome work plot builders! Make Istaria proud and pretty! Your imagination is limitless!
    " ~ Existence..~ beautiful, if you let it be. Life is not a question. There does not need to be an answer..."
    "Keep up the good work. It takes effort, but effort brings fulfillment."
    Never forget to appreciate each other and stay UNITED!

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