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Thread: The many yolks of Scarlet-Dawn

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    Default The many yolks of Scarlet-Dawn

    it kept going while I tried to post

    [10/18/20 11:03:13] [Scarlet-Dawn: Festima_unity] im sure most people will just eggnore it anyway

    [10/18/20 11:03:28] [Scarlet-Dawn: Pixyl] people will get the yolk, dont worry

    [10/18/20 11:03:41] [Scarlet-Dawn: Tilithia] festima!!! ^^

    [10/18/20 11:03:51] [Scarlet-Dawn: Sindala] hmm i seem to have egg-all my jokes

    [10/18/20 11:03:52] [Scarlet-Dawn: Tilithia] you gave me idea ^^

    [10/18/20 11:03:53] [Scarlet-Dawn: Festima_unity] what, i know im going to come out of this sunny side up

    [10/18/20 11:04:04] [Scarlet-Dawn: Sindala] *egg-hausted

    [10/18/20 11:04:12] [Scarlet-Dawn: Festima_unity] your going to build a giant egg ?

    [10/18/20 11:04:15] [Scarlet-Dawn: Pixyl] make sure no one poaches the idea

    [10/18/20 11:04:39] [Scarlet-Dawn: Festima_unity] but if its a good idea, dont let anyone whisk it away from you

    [10/18/20 11:05:08] [Scarlet-Dawn: Pixyl] my brain is too fried to think of any more yolks

    [10/18/20 11:05:39] [Scarlet-Dawn: Chasing] still going? ive been to the kitchen & back

    [10/18/20 11:05:56] [Scarlet-Dawn: Tilithia] cooking omlette? ^^

    [10/18/20 11:05:57] [Scarlet-Dawn: Festima_unity] doing some clucking ?

    [10/18/20 11:05:59] [Scarlet-Dawn: Pixyl] the yolk just runs on......

    [10/18/20 11:06:12] [Scarlet-Dawn: Sindala] we need more of an egg-splination

    [10/18/20 11:06:20] [Scarlet-Dawn: Lovwyrm_unity] ohhh I just found a cat sleeping... beside the plump hen..... I think.. all to much for a non native speaker.. It got me strange visions

    [10/18/20 11:06:31] [Scarlet-Dawn: Pixyl] hehe

    [10/18/20 11:06:48] [Scarlet-Dawn: Elteria] zzzzz...eggs....zzzzz draming*

    [10/18/20 11:07:25] [Scarlet-Dawn: Lovwyrm_unity] omg the hallucination is snoring...
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    Default Re: The many yolks of Scarlet-Dawn

    Yes our brains are somewhat scrambled

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    Default Re: The many yolks of Scarlet-Dawn

    Egg-celent post indeed

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