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Thread: Need Help with Novo Machine Remnants

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    Default Need Help with Novo Machine Remnants

    I have found the broken Novo machine. I search the debris piles and find 5 of each item except the Transmedium Shifters. Lexica says there should be some undead with these. I can not find them. I have searched the Novo machine and surrounding areas but no undead with Shifters. Can anyone tell me where to find these undead or just 5 of the Transmedium Shifters?? I have logged in three different times and searched area but have not found the Shifters or undead. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Slmey on Order

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    In order to encounter the undead, you need to make sure you've collected five of the following: Broken Cogcentian Melders, Broken Displacement Alterators, Broken Florian Stabilizers, Broken Magnetic Pull Chargers.

    Please confirm that you have five of each of these - note they must be gathered while the quest is active. If you had any in your inventory before you took the quest, you should destroy the extras and re-gather to properly update the quest.

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    OK, did that and it started over. I got the quest to continue but had to do the next one 3 times before ever seeing the undead come and go. Lost him twice and the quest timed out 3 times. Followed to grave yard by having Lexica open at all times to see what I was supposed to do. I am now inside the large room which is supposed to have a large machine in it for me to exam. Only thing in room with me are about 9 platforms. I find nothing to exam. I submitted a service ticket with screen shots. Just waiting to find out what there is to exam. I have walked by all platforms in room with no luck on advancing the quest. Hope there is something I am missing. I know I am supposed to exam machine and be kicked out of room but so far no luck. (Thank you Lexica for clear instructions) Hoping to find something to exam.

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    It seems there was a technical issue with that area which has now been fixed, please try again when convenient as it should work now!

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