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    1. Insight of the Trophy Hunter: Quest only preferably. (Jewelry crystal, Attuned)
    Increases chance of Trophy drop by 10% per tier.
    Each level of quest requires turn in of previous tiered crystal.
    2. Weapon Shard of Glory: Increases Aggro. (for the Tanks out there)
    3. Balance of Recklessness: (Weapon Crystal)
    Increases Damage by 50% but reduces Armor by 50%
    4. Blighted Crystals: 2 Random Buff effect, 1 Random Debuff effect
    Starmind: Member of Scions on Order Shard; Helian Ancient Dragon 100/100/100
    Starmind's Crossroads: Harro, Just Uphill of the Binding Shrine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starmind View Post
    2. Weapon Shard of Glory: Increases Aggro. (for the Tanks out there)
    It is restricted to Dragons, but you have Crystals of Threatening usable with a Defensive Dragon Claw for that. Check vendors at the Guild of the Artifact Hunters.

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