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Thread: Monk Stances for Disciples

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    Default Monk Stances for Disciples

    I was curious if there were any plans to add the new Monk stances (Combat Trance, One with the Wind) to the Disciple classes? Or something like those stances? The new mechanics really made the Monk a lot more fun to play, going into a Disciple class now feels like a downgrade. Plus (I may be wrong) but I believe the Disciples lost access to Chain attack after the Monk revamp, but never got anything in return for it.

    I think the Disciples could benefit from some love as well, perhaps elemental related stances? Fire/Flame Stance could deal extra fire damage and focus on damage. Ice Stance could focus on defense and slows. Storm Stance could apply debuffs and stuns. Spirit stance could focus on lifesteals and ethereal damage.

    I really want to play around with the Disciple classes, but they're a lot less appealing now that Monk has been gentrified and made quite spiffy.

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    Default Re: Monk Stances for Disciples

    We need more planning to properly incorporate the Monk changes into its Disciple subclasses rather than just directly incorporating the abilities. We're revisiting schools one by one and will visit the Disciples at a later date, at which we'll figure out how to best balance the schools. For now, though, our next focuses are Crossbowman and Conjurer.

    Thank you for your ideas! Disciple-specific stances is an interesting idea.

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    Default Re: Monk Stances for Disciples

    Thanks for the reply Sarsilas, I look forward to seeing whatever you all come up with!

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