As you're probably aware there's an extremely annoying server issue where monsters are sending you tells if you kill them while grouped with other players. The server developers are working on fixing the problem, but it requires a server restart to apply the fix (maintenance), so in the mean time we've updated the game client to ignore these incorrect messages to provide relief from the problem. We can't distribute the updated client via the game's patching system until Monday though, so in the mean time to provide immediate relief from the bug we're offering an opt-in download where you can manually replace your istaria.exe with this one, which will solve the problem!

We're very sorry for this issue, it seems like one problem after another the last week, but the bug is on it's way out and will be disposed of properly. If you can't wait until Monday, please download and use the linked game client.

Thanks for the crazy level of patience you've all shown, it's been a tough week for us and your support and understanding keeps us going, we couldn't do it without you!