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Thread: Dragon Masks into Visual Tech

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    Default Dragon Masks into Visual Tech

    Would it be possible to change the dragon masks so they're no longer a whole armor slot item (head slot) but rather a visual tech (0 tech slot tech) to be placed on an existing piece of armor. This would make it possible to have the diamond dragon look without forgoing a whole armor piece.
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    I'm surprised this isn't a feature already. I can't speak for Dragons, but Bi-Ped costume masks can be "activated" and an item added to your inventory which allows the visuals of said costume piece to be applied to most armor masks. I would assume that the same could be done for Dragon masks.

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    I'm not sure I understand. This is already possible - all dragon masks can create a 0-slot technique that can be applied to any head scale.

    The Diamond dragon head scale can also be used to give you an augmentation much like costumes to appear as a diamond dragon without having to forgo a head scale.

    Am I misunderstanding?

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