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    Default Nothing But Love!

    "She spread her wings and soared up in the blue Istarian sky*

    " Nothing But Love!
    That is what makes dragons fly "

    "We all know there are so many facettes of love..
    but only we- the Istarians-have the priviledge
    to experience and live the magic of the love of and in Istaria- all over the landscapes , in the cities and settlements-in the blight areas-
    and in the hearts of everyone who lives here.
    That Love is the framework of our world and keeps everything together ."

    Picture for Lovwyrm!

    There is deep symbolism in this picture. I wanted to express the freedom (soaring dragon), the happiness of just being alive (paws outstretched toward skies), the friendship (bottom dragon looking up to her friend), the passage of time - setting sun. The love and the friendship will cease some day.

    But meawhile, fly on the winds of love, Lovwyrm!
    " ~ Existence..~ beautiful, if you let it be. Life is not a question. There does not need to be an answer..."
    "Keep up the good work. It takes effort, but effort brings fulfillment."
    Never forget to appreciate each other and stay UNITED!

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    Default Re: Nothing But Love!

    Tili *long winghug*

    I might not be able to hear anymore..
    but I m blessed..
    I can fly

    Thanks so much for that wind under my wings, my friend

    I m enchanted...
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    YOU told me to play a dragon!

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    Feel the enchanted wind!
    Gnome Extraordinaire
    Join the GLF! *Gnome Liberation Front

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