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    Guaran has departed for other realms, but wishes all remaining who fight the WA the best of luck.*waves*

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    so- you did it

    what there is to say -from friend to friend- I already did in private.

    The community I want to let know: With you leaving- not only a an experienced and always helpful player will be gone
    its a part of Istarian spirit and know how and the will and competence to keep game play enjoyable- will be lost.
    Often enough it was you who brought people together-again and again over all that many years

    Thanks for all the hunts and hours we spend together hunting and discussing.
    Thanks for all the posts in forum, when we tried to solve a prob.

    And thank you for being a true friend in dark times, when you cared for me and Flame, so we could join world events too.
    We shall never forget that.

    YOU told me to play a dragon!

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    Sad to see you go Guaran. Be well!

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    Sorry to see you go Guaran, hope you come back at some point
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    Sad to see you leave but hope life treats you well.
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    i bid you a fond and fair goodbye, dear gentle. you will be missed, but live as long as istaria does in our memory. may the day come that you return to us.
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    We will miss you. Hope the future is smooth flying.
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    Thanks for the kind words all.*opens a portal to another dimension.. steps through*

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    Kinda late on replying to this, but I wish you good fortune in other realms.

    Mabe one day we will meet again, in Istaria or another realm!

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