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Thread: Returning after years away

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    Howdy folks!
    Khalon the dusky-scaled Helian ancient has finally awakened from a long nap. I'll be returning mostly to craft on my dwarf, at least to start with. I'll probably do some adventuring in between rebuilding a biped plot, so shout if you need a healer or dwarven warrior! Martel has half a dozen or so adventure schools at 100, and quite a few craft schools at 100. My dragons will probably nap most of the time, but they are available for RoP or ARoP help, if needed.
    I'm looking forward to seeing old friends, and making new ones in the wonderful world of Istaria!

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    Welcome back Khalon, I remember the name See you some time in game.

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    Thanks Tilithia! I'm still fumbling around with making sure I have java runtime and directX versions re-installed. Hopefully I can get my password reset, and get in game soon. See you soon!

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    most welcome home!!
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    Thanks Velveeta! Yours is a name I remember with fondness. It's been even longer since I did much of anything on Blight.

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