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Thread: My pure newbie perspective of why don't log back in

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    Default My pure newbie perspective of why don't log back in

    (I think the game has some awesome things about it and this I just my opinion. I do realize every game is not for everyone. I went as Tersoth on the discord and in game.)

    As I sat around and though about what was keeping me from wanting to log in and play or even continue my sub, it came down to really one thing. At first I thought it was about how different starting power levels for a dragon vs. a biped were. Which I have been slightly vocal about on discord lol. However when I really thought about it, I kept coming up with one thing. The crafting.

    The crafting for a biped is broken up into many schools that I feel forced to all level up individually. I have to be an armor smith/tailor, or I have no armor. I have to be a weapon smith or I have no weapons. Same for jewelry and spells. I have spend more time in my first few weeks simi afk harvesting and crafting then actually playing the game.

    Crafting is boring and very very time consuming. You stand there and beat on said node, run to the crafting area, make and deconstruct all you can. Then rinse and repeat over and over and over and over again. Compound that by the fact I have to do it with so many schools. Its like they have two hamburgers and them up into 16 pieces and tried to say they had 16 hamburgers.

    If I had to only raise one, maybe two crafting schools most of all the problems above would not be an issue. But due to the game not evolving with the lower population it forces me to do every crafting school or go without. The alternative would be me trying to hunt down someone that would be willing to make me all the things I need. And as new player I 1) have very little money to make it worth there time and 2) not really how I want to spend my limited gaming time either.

    I am not saying I even know how to fix the issue I am having of just crafting overload to even progress in the game. Maybe I am the only that feels like this, and it working as intended, and just not for me. I just wanted to get it out there of how I feel and what really keeps me from playing what I think is an awesome game. I don't know if you just make crafting like 10X the xp it currently is, add vendors that sell up to T5, or maybe you add quests npc's were you bring them materials and they make your items for you.

    I feel like I only got to experience a fraction of the game. Just knowing once I hit 31 I am going to probably have to spend weeks getting all my crafting schools leveled up again to proceed keeps me from logging in...

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    Default Re: My pure newbie perspective of why don't log back in

    If I was able to run my own server this is what I would do. I would add specific vender types to each city/settlement for T1-T5 gear. So basically say you wanted nature and energy teched gear you would need to travel to X locations, if you want spells that have X types of Tech you would need to go to Y location. This would add variety to each city/settlement and give them more of a purpose. You could even leave the mat drops as part of the purchase price.

    And if that was to much work to do I would simply crunch the schools down to be more in line with the dragons. Combine construction, food and tinkering into one school and the rest all into another.
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    Default Re: My pure newbie perspective of why don't log back in

    you could add quests to the unlock different tiers for sale on the vendors. "Bring us X number of jungle spider parts"

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    Default Re: My pure newbie perspective of why don't log back in

    Good perspective, good thoughts. Thanks for that, devs may want to think over all that. The crafting system was for sure nice as there were hundrets of lowbie crafters around, so people were able to help on each others. But with the low server population nowadays it has become too much of a grind by yourself, since you need to do everything as LordNivek said.

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    Default Re: My pure newbie perspective of why don't log back in

    Thank you for your feedback. Adding vendors with basic un-teched equipment to various towns and points during the early tiers (looking at 1 to 3) was something we'd discussed but your feedback has encouraged us to move this forward.
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    Default Re: My pure newbie perspective of why don't log back in

    I am really excited to hear about possibly adding un-teched 1-3 vendors. I think (with my limited knowledge of the game lol) that would allow me to be able to focus on one crafting school, and then fill out the rest of my gear with the vendors. Then when I would advance past the 1-3 vendors I would hopefully have enough money/stuff to commission some work to be made by crafters to make it worth their time.

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    One thing that might help is using golems as self-delivering resource nodes to gather from. That breaks up the gathering with a little bit of combat, and you should get a steady trickle of junk loot to sell to the expert oddities merchant in Bristugo for much-needed coin.

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