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Thread: Lost all of my T5/6 Enhanced Spells

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    Default Lost all of my T5/6 Enhanced Spells

    I just noticed today, July 15, 2021, that all my T5/6 enhanced spells were gone. This is for my dragon Fatuous and my bi-ped Slimey. It does not seem to affect any of my lower level spells but only those of T5 or T6. The spells no longer appear in my knowledge base. I try to look at my old hot key bars with the spells listed but all come up as unknown spells. I know my dragon has lost all of his "Breezes" and they are no longer listed as available. He has lost all his T6 spells like Primal Strike, Primal Burst, Drain Bolt 10 but he has Drain Bolt 9. His heal spells with "Cleanse" added are all gone. Slimey has lost his one good attack spell Spirit Bolt 5. It is no longer offered to him as being available. Please oh please look into this. All my good heal spells and my top tier attack spells are all gone. Thanks. Slimey/Fatuous on Order.

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    We're looking into this issue, thank you for letting us know and really sorry about the inconvenience, we'll let you know what we find.

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    The devs have figured out what is happening and expect a fix within 24 hours. We're working hard to get it done sooner than that.

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    The issue is fixed for me. I looked at my dragon and bi-ped and both seem to have all their high level spells returned. I can not express my gratitude for the quickness of this fix. Great work to all the devs. involved in this fix. Thank all of you so much. Slimey/Fatuous on Order

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